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To Birth and Beyond

Jun 22, 2021

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Nicole Goss about her birthing experiences - from navigating labor with a doctor who didn’t listen to her wants, to becoming an advocate for herself and others to have smooth deliveries!


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Resources and References
Anita’s Bump to Birth Method online program:

Nicole Goss:
Instagram: @ncgoss08


Time Stamps
0:55 - Anita’s Bump to Birth Method online program

2:40 - Introduction to today’s special guest: Nicole Goss

5:38 - How did Nicole feel in her pregnancy with her son (physically, mentally, emotionally)? We discuss assessing risk as you go, the athlete brain, and accountability.

11:27 - On making adjustments - even postpartum - in fitness

14:44 - Nicole’s birth story: How she prepared and how her birth didn’t go according to plan

24:46 - Nicole shares about the time in between births, and her second birthing experience

36:15 - Nicole shares about exercise, preparation, and talking to her spouse prior to second baby

41:50 - Keeping track of and navigating birth preferences

44:50 - On having a toolbox of options

47:26 - How has Nicole’s recovery been the second time around? And did the prep help postpartum?

56:50 - Nicole’s advice for expectant birthing persons their first and then subsequent times

1:02:48 - How to find Nicole online

1:03:45 - Wrap up