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To Birth and Beyond

Jun 15, 2021

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Sinéad Dufour about one of the most common issues Anita’s prenatal clients come in for: PGP.


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Resources and References
Anita’s free guide : 3 Tips to Help Pelvic Floor Connection in Pregnancy to Prepare for Birth Without doing 100s of Kegels a Day

Find Sinéad:
Instagram: @dr.Sinead

Sinead Dufour - Experts at McMaster University
Sinead's Pregnancancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain Course for Professionals through Reframe Rehab -
Sinead's Instagram Post - Does PPGP have to do with how we load out tissue?

Anita's Instagram Post - Helpful exercises for PPGP
Anita's Instagram Post - 2 Ways to Sleep with Less Pain
Anita's Instagram Post - How to Turn in Bed with Less Pain

Time Stamps
0:54 - Introduction to today’s discussion and guest

5:23 - What is under that umbrella term of “pelvic girdle pain”?

9:45 - Myth: Relaxin is to blame (and the evidence around relaxin when it comes to PGP)

16:34 - Evidence behind the stable pelvis

22:41 - Stress, sleep, and mindfulness: how they change our pain experience (and how to help regulate them)

31:34 - Working through past trauma

43:04 - Client lightbulb moments

48:31 - On letting go of tension

53:31 - Sinéad shares about her course for professionals

57:11 - How to connect with Sinéad online